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Sage CRM

Sage CRM is used by over 10,000 organizations in 70 countries worldwide to manage their critical sales, marketing and customer service activities every day.

Sage CRM equips businesses with the tools they need to find new customers, close sales faster and build lasting, more profitable relationships across all channels.

Regardless of how, when or where customers, partners and prospects choose to interact with your business, Sage CRM provides a decisive advantage by delivering a comprehensive, easy-to-use system to successfully manage these relationships.

ERP integration capabilities, the Sage CRM front-office is powered by data from the back-office to give sales, marketing, customer service and other front-office staff a true 360 degree view of customers across front- and back-office functions, differentiating it from many other CRM solutions in the market today.

Sage is the leading supplier of CRM solutions for small and medium business worldwide.

Key Benefits of Sage CRM

Easy to Use

Recognized by thousands of customers worldwide as easy-to-use. Teams can easily personalize their workspace and quickly navigate their way around the system due to the innate usability of Sage CRM and

Easy to Customize

Out-of-the-box workflow can be customized to reflect your business processes. The open architecture enables seamless integration with third party applications, speeding up deployment time and reducing the total cost of ownership.

Integrates with Your Business

Integration with Sage ERP products delivers end-to-end business integration out-of-the-box. This gives sales, marketing, customer services and other front-office staff a true 360-degree view of customers across front- and back-office functions, differentiating it from many other CRM solutions in the market today.


Equipping the sales team with the complete customer information and the necessary tools to enable them to do their job effectively is very important. Easy-to-use, Sage CRM provides sales users with instant access to calendars, accounts, reports, pipelines, contacts and call lists, empowering sales people to sell.

Customer Service

Providing quality customer care and maintaining satisfied customers is a challenge for every business. Sage CRM’s customer service capabilities are designed to help you manage and resolve your customer queries and issues efficiently and effectively by providing you with an easy-to-use user interface and powerful feature set.


Gaining a deeper understanding of your customers and their buying behavior is critical in today’s competitive marketplace. Sage CRM provides powerful tools for marketing teams to plan, execute and audit highly targeted marketing campaigns.