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Software Integration

Magento and Shopify Integration With Sage100

Magento and Shopify integration with your Sage100 is a cost effective and quick way to get, add, update, delete and sync any shopping cart data, including products, orders and customers.

Magento and Shopify are the largest and fastest growing ecommerce software platform. It is an amazingly powerful eCommerce platform that has all the features necessary for any large online retail business. Its fast growth attests to the fact that it is the most trusted eCommerce solutions. However, the vast array of features that it offers can be challenging for store owners with no prior programming experience. For a very small online store the steep learning curve may be too hard, and they would be better off with less complicated ecommerce software solutions. However, for the serious online retail business that can take advantage of all the functionality that Magento and Shopify offers, there is no doubt that Magento and Shopify is the very best.