ERP Cloud Security

ERP Cloud Security – Advantages of the Cloud

More and more organizations are choosing to move their ERP systems to the cloud. This is because there are many benefits to moving your ERP system to the cloud. Some benefits include the ability to access the ERP software without having to install hardware, not having to worry about upgrading your ERP system on a regular basis (which can be very expensive), and not having to pay for someone to maintain your system.

But some organizations still need to be concerned with the security of their data in the cloud. It’s important to keep in mind that cloud ERP systems are extremely secure, and data may actually be far more secure than it would be in house.

One company recently discovered that its on-premises data servers (provided by an Acumatica competitor) were no match for a ransomware attack. This attack wiped out all of the company’s data. Hoping to shore up its defenses after the attack, the company upgraded to Acumatica Cloud ERP.

While most companies are aware that security breaches are a possibility, many of these same companies don’t realize that on-premises storage of data increases their exposure to a security breach.

Cloud ERP security advantages

– Small to medium-sized businesses don’t have the time, resources, or skills to implement higher security standards like multi-factor authentication. With hacking techniques becoming more effective every day, your systems and data aren’t necessarily safe with just a combination of a unique login ID and a complicated password.

When it comes to physical security of their data and facilities, small to medium-sized businesses can only do so much to prevent breaches. But cloud computing vendors can employ stronger physical security measures at their facilities to ensure data safety.

– In aggregate across thousands or millions of customers, the cloud provider has the opportunity to monitor trillions of transactions for suspicious behavior and learn quickly about any new threat.

– Maintaining control over your on-premises servers does not guarantee security. The data centers used to host Acumatica Cloud ERP—such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure—offer fast, reliable, and secure access to your data. They stake their business and reputation on providing an environment for mission-critical applications used by government and financial institutions, and they meet or exceed strict standards (such as SOC 2 Type II). These hosting providers specialize in optimizing their environments with network security tools that few small- to mid-sized companies can match.