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The ROI of Modern Cloud Solutions

The decision to upgrade to a modern cloud solution from a legacy system is imperative if a business wants to grow. But such a significant investment of time and money should be researched thoroughly and most probably will require evidence of the Return on Investment.

As a complete, modern solution for business needs, Acumatica’s cloud ERP platform allows SMBs to integrate their business management systems (FinancialsDistributionManufacturingProject Accounting, and CRM) and access their information anywhere at any time through an all- inclusive user-licensing model. This is the opposite of how legacy systems operate, yet many organizations still use these systems while competing in an increasingly complex technological and economic arena.

Acumatica also utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our web services platform – they have an impressive 99.95% uptime rating – as it enables us to give our customers the best ERP return on investment (ROI) and it’s the premier cloud solution available, which streamlines operations and accelerates growth.

Because Acumatica provide a flexible, easy-to-use, and scalable ERP system run by the leading web services platform, we feel confident that businesses that run on legacy systems will benefit from upgrading to a modern cloud solution. It’s an important consideration, one that the CIO and application leaders making the decision to upgrade need to evaluate thoroughly.

Legacy systems are the business management systems you have been using for 7 years or more. They were probably very good systems when you bought them. However, things have changed and gotten better. With your legacy system, you must maintain old hardware and buy more licenses to add users. Plus, if it is that old you most likely have difficulty integrating to other business systems, getting up-to-date custom reports and accessing the data remotely.

Upgrading your ERP to a modern cloud solution can save on average more than 20% in IT spending as a percentage of revenue and have been found to deliver 2.1x times the relative return on investment (ROI) of on-premise ones. Clearly, upgrading legacy systems produces benefits for your company.

What’s holding you back?

No one understands the incredibly challenging task of upgrading a legacy system more than the team at Biz-Tech Services, Inc.

Let us help you as you make this critical and forward-thinking decision. We want to assist in your business’ growth as you look to the future. Contact us today and we’ll start the process that will change your organization forever.