Custom Reports

We all know that having a database of information can be an important aspect of managing our businesses. In fact, it is hard to imagine a business today that doesn’t use some form of data management system or process. Biz-Tech Services, Inc provides training and custom report writing for all the Sage family of products. Powerful as having such a system may be … even more critical is being able to use that data in meaningful ways. That is where Biz-Tech Services, Inc. Report Writers can help. We take the data in your data management systems and present it to you in ways that make it useful. Experience has shown that even when the best data management system has been put into place your needs continue to change. Custom reporting allows you to continue using existing systems in a world of changing requirements. We may be able to help at a fraction of the cost it would take to modify your application. Simply understated, reporting is a powerful tool.

Woman holding a tablet while scanning charts and data on the screen

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