Sage 100 cloud

Sage 100 Cloud Whats new in 2018

Custom Office Enhancements

Several changes and improvements were made to the Custom Office module including:

  • Calculator Option for Numeric Fields
  • Buttons Appear in Screen Editor
  • Ability to Exclude UDFs from Selection Grids
Sales Order

In the Sales Order module during invoice data entry, you can now apply multiple sales orders to an invoice if the invoice type is either Standard or Cash Sale.

Purchase Order

In the Purchase Order module when creating POs using ‘Auto Generate from Sales Orders’, any drop‐ship items that are used in multiple lines in a sales order can now remain on separate lines in the purchase order. Previously, duplicate lines were consolidated into one line in the PO.

Bill of Materials

A new field ‘Sync Misc. Charge Changes with Bill Tables’ has been added to Bill of Materials Options. There are three options for updating bills with changes made for miscellaneous change items in Miscellaneous Item Maintenance.

Consolidate Multiple Orders in Shipping

With Sage 100 2018.4, you can now consolidate multiple sales orders into one shipment in Shipping Data Entry. Two new fields have been added on the Entry tab in Shipping Setup Options including Consolidate Orders on One Invoice and Consolidate by Customer PO No. Depending on the settings you choose, you can consolidate sales orders for one invoice as the orders are processed in Shipping Data Entry and/or consolidate orders into one invoice only if the PO number is the same. You can also consolidate orders into one invoice if the PO numbers are different.

Credit Card Processing

Processing payment cards with EMV chips through Paya (formerly Sage Payment Solutions) is now supported when using either Ingenico ipp320 or Equinox L5300 card readers.

Quick Links to Sage University

A Sage University button has been added to several task windows in AP, AR, Bank Reconciliation, General Ledger, Payroll, and more. You can click the button to view a list of training videos related to the task. Depending on your Business Care plan, there may be no charge to watch the videos.

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