Integrate production planning and the shop floor with customer management, sales orders, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting to provide real-time coordination of business processes across your entire organization using Acumatica’s manufacturing ERP software. Use your smartphone or tablet to capture material issues, move transactions, and labor with Acumatica’s mobile app and scanning. Supervisors and manufacturing management can access approvals and monitor production orders, schedules, and material plans anywhere, anytime on the road, in the office, or at home.

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Acumatica Manufacturing ERP Dashboard


Bill of Materials & Routing

Efficiently plan and manage inventories, costs, and manufacturing ERP processes as well as full revision control. See both engineering and financial views of product structure in the multi-level Bill of Materials software (BOM)/Routing.

Production Management

Control the entire production planning and scheduling process and minimize job costs. Capture the total cost of manufacturing including material, labor, overhead and outside processes. Create production orders from previous revisions and alternate bills of material.

Material Requirements Planning

Satisfy customer requirements while maintaining optimal inventory with the powerful Acumatica manufacturing ERP MRP planning tool. Generate time-phased manufacturing and purchasing plans for optimal inventory availability tied to forecast and customer demands. Reduce inventory while improving customer service and avoiding shortages.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Manage and monitor your shop floor schedule and work center capacity, both finite and infinite. Acumatica Manufacturing Edition’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling allows manufacturers to consistently and cost-effectively meet customer demands by setting accurate and reliable delivery dates based on the actual availability of resources.


Manufacturing Data Collection

Print barcoded reports and labels to scan material movement from raw material inventory into production, through downstream manufacturing operations, and into finished goods inventory when production is complete. Clock-in and clock-out of jobs to capture labor transactions to update work in process (WIP).

Engineering Change Control

Engineering Change Control (ECC) is an essential requirement for maintaining control of manufacturing master data in a rapidly changing world. ECC monitors the process of changing your bill of materials and routing with built-in approvals workflow in an ever-changing or heavily regulated manufacturing company.


Gain the flexibility to create detailed manufacturing estimates quickly. With the Estimating module, you can improve the accuracy and turnaround times of all your manufacturing estimates. This solution takes into account every aspect of estimating, including material, overhead, labor and other miscellaneous costs.

Product Configurator

A multi-level, dimensional, rules-based system with non-hierarchical feature selections and configuration evaluation. Use this powerful tool to enhance quality and accuracy when manufacturing complex products. Configure product features, options and dimensions to maximize quote-to-order and manufacturing performance.

Purchase Order Management

Reduce costs and improve vendor relationships by automating and centrally managing your global purchasing processes. Acumatica manufacturing ERP software uses online sourcing that automates the entire procurement process from vendor quotes to paying invoices.

Order Management

This integrated order management system gives you the tools to deliver better customer service, improve vendor relationships, and eliminate paperwork while providing all stakeholders with greater visibility into order management processes. Manage sales activities, streamline procurement processes, and automate order fulfillment for internal or external clients.

Advanced Inventory

Gain real-time access to available inventory, inventory in transit, reorder quantities and inventory costs. Efficiently manage your distribution process to improve customer satisfaction while maximizing profit. Manage multiple warehouses, lots, inventory sub-items, expiration dates and bin locations.

Warehouse Management System

Streamline distribution processes with advanced warehouse operations in receiving, inventory management and order fulfillment. Improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Pre-printed smart scan sheets allow warehouse workers to perform all necessary system interactions with just a phone or tablet.

Service Management

Quickly capture service needs to shorten the time between call receipt and job assignment. Track resource commitments, match tasks to best available resources and generate work orders. Streamline processes using Acumatica’s field service management ERP software to reduce response times and costs, resulting in increased revenues and customer satisfaction that ultimately give you a competitive advantage.

Project Accounting

With Acumatica manufacturing ERP software, know the actual costs of internal or external projects. Manage budgeting, time sheets, project inventory, and complex billing. Project reporting lets you compare actual project costs with original and revised budgets using visual dashboards.

Advanced Financials

Augment Acumatica’s base financials with advanced financial capabilities, including GL consolidation, sub-accounts, and automatic revenue recognition. Financial management software provides businesses with a full suite of accounting functions to track daily financial operations and generate quarterly and annual financial statements.


One Solution

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition extends Acumatica’s Distribution Management, Customer Management, Financial Management, and Project Accounting suites. Acumatica Manufacturing Edition provides real-time coordination of your business activities from one central location, while cross-application integration allows you to have visibility across the entire business wherever you are.

Meet Your Schedules

Forecast demand while optimizing resources for effectiveness and cost control by planning with our manufacturing ERP software, including a full-suite of modules. Use MRP and APS to balance material requirements with production schedules.

Acumatica Manufacturing ERP

Track Your Costs

Track material and labor costs as you manage your products. Compare standard and planned production costs to actual costs of production.

Grows With You

Powerful and complete functionality for make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, project centric, job shop, batch, and repetitive manufacturing adapts to your business as you grow and change. Exercise full control from engineering change request to engineering change order to engineering change notice with approvals throughout each step in the process.



Shopify Connector

The connector supplies all the tools a business needs to improve its order processing strategy, to simplify inventory management, pricing, payment, and streamline its logistics processes.

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Magento Connector

The integrator makes it possible to link two platforms through bidirectional data-synchronization which helps to avoid duplicate entries and eliminates errors.

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WooCommerce Connector

Using this connector allows better time management and facilitates the connection between the platforms. Above all, the connector also streamlines the process of handling the payment information.

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Kit Processing

Using the native Sales Order Preferences screen, users can control the cost calculation basis for kit items entered on a Sales Order.

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