Allowance and Deduction Processing

Biz-Tech Services Allowance and Deduction Processing extends Sage 100cloud functionality to allow Sage 100cloud to calculate MultiLevel allowance and deductions on Sales Order Invoice Data Entry Screen.

Define Custom Allowance and Deduction Code

Date Range can be defined for each Code to calculate Allowance or Deduction Amount during a specified period.

Calculation can be done by Quantity/Amount or Amount/Percentage

Each Code posts to specified GL Account during Sales Journal Update

Codes can be defined for specific customer or for all customers

Codes can be applied to Items by Item Range or by Product Line

During Sales Order and Invoice Data Entry, Allowance and Deduction Amounts and details are automatically available in-line and at the header level

Item Allowance and Deduction History is available in Inventory Maintenance to view each transaction with Drill Down capability

Custom Reports are available

Field Service Management

Field service management is a system for managing end-to-end activities in a field service organization including, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing and billing.

Sell Inventory or Miscellaneous Items defined as Service Items on Sales Order or Invoice Data Entry

Generate Service Order Manually or from Sales Order or Invoice Data Entry

Generate Appointment from Service Order

Schedule Appointment from Scheduling Dashboard

Complete Appointments from Mobile Device

Invoice Service Order and generate Service Contracts based on Service Type

Generate Recurring Billing from Service Contracts

Loaner and Rental Processing

Biz-Tech Services’ Loaner / Rental Processing extends Sage 100cloud functionality for customers who want to track Loaner or Rental Products.
The Enhancement allows for Loan or Rent products, to be billed for specific Date Range, return products back to Warehouse and Sell Damaged or Missing Products from one screen.

Define rental items. Assign rental billing by frequency code

Define billing frequency codes by periodic, daily, weekly, monthly, or annually

Rental Order Entry Screen allows multiple rental items with different rental date ranges, and billing date ranges

Shipping and Return of rental items from Rental Order Entry Screen

Generate billing forecasts from rental order line entry based on frequency codes. Track rental billing and invoices from the forecast

Rental item availability dashboard for serialized and non-serialized items. Color-coded availability by date

Allows for sale of missing and damaged rental items

Allocation Processing

Allocation Processing helps to optimized Fulfillment process by finding and selecting the orders that can be shipped based on the stock on hand

Easy to use Allocation Screen Displays Open Sales Order and allows user to allocated Inventory Quantity based on User-Defined Customer Priority

Color-Coded logic allows users to identify Customer Priorities and make smarter decision for fulfillment

Users can filter orders by Priority Code, Ship Date, Customer Number and Item Number to Auto-Allocate Inventory

Pick Ticket Printing forms are modified to show Allocated Quantities for picker to pick instead of Ordered Quantity

Allocated Quantities on Sales Orders defaults to Shipping Data Entry and Invoice Data Entry as Ship Quantity which amplifies inventory fulfillment process

Shopify Connector

Biz-Tech Sage Shopify Connector links two platforms – Sage 100 Cloud and Shopify’s eCommerce system.


Everything from sales orders, product shipments to payments and returns are automated and information entered through Sage flows to Shopify. That bi-directional synchronization creates an omnichannel approach.
The automation reduces order processing costs while improving overall customer experience, it allows real-time tracking and decreases error rates in processing.


This Shopify Connector is what you need to grow your business and to have greater profits.

Facilitates access to the customer, inventory and shipping information

Synchronizes orders, customers, products, payments, shipping and other information

Eliminates data re-entry

Improves customer experience

Shopify logo

Magento Connector

Biz-Tech Sage Magento Connector combines the power of Sage 100 Cloud with one of the world’s leading eCommerce platform, Magento.


This Magento Connector facilitates the management of all eCommerce activities such as getting and importing Orders, creating Shipments, Invoices, and Credit Memos.
The integrator improves customer experience by easing payment information handling, eliminating errors and reducing manual entry.


The automation and synchronization it provides allow Magento businesses to maximize operational efficiency and boost profits.

Bi-Directional, Automated or Manual Integration Between Magento and Sage 100cloud

Simplifies payment information handling

Eliminates errors and reduces manual entry

Improves the stability of core business activities

Magento logo

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