What is ERP Accounting Software and Why Do You Need It?

ERP accounting software is software that enables the organization to keep tabs on financial transactions and data. However, ERP accounting software goes beyond the accounting process core. Enterprise accounting software comprises modules specific to billing and payroll, account receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, and more. Historically, enterprise accounting has been a solution that was installed locally, but with modern-day technology, these solutions can be cloud-based. Some...

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eCommerce ERP Integration Solutions By Biz-Tech Services

What is eCommerce ERP Integration? eCommerce ERP integration is the coordination between a company's eCommerce site and back-end accounting and inventory system. Proper eCommerce ERP integration enables the flow of information bidirectionally between the two systems, meaning data only needs to be entered into the system once. Integration of your eCommerce sales channels with your ERP system allows you to operate more efficiently as a business....

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