4 Benefits of Cloud Based ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning, known simply as ERP, is management software, usually offered as a bundle of applications that aims to help businesses automate the collection, storage, management and interpretation of data from various sources. With cloud based ERP, business owners and managers can get an integrated real-time view of business processes, resources and commitments. Cloud based ERP and on-premise ERP each have their own benefits. The...

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Is Small Business ERP Right For You?

Small businesses often face a dilemma in deciding how to invest in order to gain the greatest return. In pure startup mode, businesses must invest in an operational and efficient foundation that will directly help in building the company. That's where small business ERP implementation comes into play. Decision making is driven more by gut feeling rather than data and hard facts. These methods may be...

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The Importance of System Integration

In today’s day and age, when companies want to stay ahead of the game they need their systems to work synchronously. Organizations that don't have system integration in place see significant increases in cost and resource consumption. What is System Integration? System integration is the method of connecting different sub-systems into one larger system that functions as a single source. In regard to software solutions, system integration...

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