Custom ERP Enhancements That Accelerate Business Growth

Custom ERP Enhancements That Accelerate Business Growth

Biz-Tech Services offer custom ERP enhancements that will accelerate the growth of your business. Enhancements are ERP integrations that are modules or changes to pre-existing Acumatica or Sage 100cloud modules that automate daily processes. The implementation of these custom enhancements often result in maximized efficiency and reduce operational costs. There are plenty of on-premise ERP enhancements that Biz-Tech can assist you in selecting. Biz-Tech Services specializes in help you shape your software to fit your exact business needs.

Acumatica Cloud ERP

Offline Order Entry

Offline Order Entry is an ERP enhancement that allows companies to enter sales orders whilst offline, or when internet connectivity is spotty. It’s a native application purpose-built for the iPad and iPhone, so the app is fast and responsive. At trade shows, data connections tend to be unreliable and expensive. With our Offline Order Entry app, you can write orders and access all your order, customer and product info offline. This solution enables effective order management for sales teams. As soon as you’re back online, any orders you entered, created or modified while offline, will automatically be synced. In short, this means no downtime making sales.

  • Internet connectivity and speed never interfere with productivity
  • Take orders and access customer and product records at all times
  • No order loss from technical failures
  • Synchronization occurs automatically once a connection is established
  • Scanning of product barcodes speeds up order entry
  • Product Images will display in order lines

Kit Processing

Kit Processing is one of our most popular custom ERP enhancements. Kit Processing allows users to explode kit components right on the sales order processing screen. Most importantly, there is no need to open another maintenance screen or print a pick list to view kit components. Using the native sales order processing preferences screen, users can control the cost calculation basis for kit items entered on a sales order. In turn, this allows grater flexibility without having to make maintenance adjustments to inventory items. Giving users the option to explode kit components directly and make adjustments to any quantity improves efficiency and control during order entry.

  • Simplifies visibility of kit items
  • Change kit and component quantities with ease
  • Efficiently add kits to orders without having to leave the sales order processing screen
  • Powerfully manage kit pricing rules
  • Works for stock and non-stock kits

Consignment Processing

Consignment Processing allows for better inventory management. Manage inventory that is stored with a customer but owned by the company. This enhancement makes it possible to track and manage quantities and valuation of inventory in multiple sales locations. The Consignment Processing enhancement simplifies the order process and gives better visibility of unsold inventory.

  • Track the inventory sent to the consignee
  • Track what inventory needs to be replenished at the consignee’s site
  • Return unsold consigned Inventory
  • Invoice consignee for sold or used inventory
  • Efficient inventory management

Gift Card Processing

Gift Card Processing allows companies to manage gift card payments within the software. Utilizing gift cards lets companies offer perks for customers and drive sales and revenue. Gift Card Processing offers a flexible gift card payment solution for all size businesses and makes accepting gift card payments simple yet affordable.

  • Receive batches of gift cards as serialized Items
  • Cards are ready to issue as soon as they are received
  • Track History of spends and balances
  • Load a balance by selling the gift card as you would any other stock item
  • Use gift cards as a payment method
  • Allows one or multiple customers to use the same gift card

Alternate & Upsell Item Processing

Upsell and alternate item processing is the ideal extension to encourage customers to purchase higher-end products, an upgrade or an additional item. This cross selling system also provides alternate items in situations where items are out of stock. During order entry, if the desired item is out of stock, the alternate item cross selling screen will pop-up and provide a list of items that can be substituted. In addition to cross selling alternate items, a list of warehouses where the desired item is available will also be shown. users will be able to easily select the alternate item and it will switch the line with a cross sell item or warehouse item.

  • Easy warehouse management
  • Quantity adjustments
  • Visual cues
  • Full integration

Matrix Processing

Our Matrix Processing software provides additional functionality and streamlined entry of transactions needed to process items with up to 3-dimensional attributes. Complete matrix processing software for tracking quantities for user-definable size and color attributes for each style. Biz-Tech’s Matrix Processing software also provides a fully integrated solution across all applications.

  • Advanced inventory management
  • Collaboration throughout multiple departments
  • Combines project and functional management structures
  • Efficient communication
Sage 100cloud ERP

Allowance & Deduction Processing

Allowance & Deduction Processing extends Sage 100cloud’s functionality to allow the Sage 100 ERP solution to calculate multilevel allowance and deductions on the sales order invoice data entry screen.

Field Service Management

Field Service Management is system for managing end-to-end activities in a field service organization. That includes scheduling, dispatching, invoicing and billing. This provides users with a fully integrated ERP solution for automated repair center and field service management.

Loaner & Rental Processing

Loaner and Rental Processing extends Sage 100cloud ERP functionality for customers who need to track loaner or rental products. This enhancement allows for loan or rent items to be billed for a specific date range, return products back to the warehouse and sell damaged or missing goods from one screen.

Allocation Processing

Allocation Processing helps optimize the fulfillment process by finding and selecting orders that can be shipped based on availability. This allows businesses to shift overhead costs to cost objects using a rational basis of allotment.

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