Shopify Connector

Biz-Tech Shopify Connector is an integration link for two platforms‒Shopify’s e-commerce system and Acumatica Cloud ERP. The connector supplies all the tools a business needs to improve its order processing strategy, to simplify inventory management, pricing, payment, and streamline its logistics processes.


Bilateral synchronization makes it possible to manage orders in Acumatica and mark them fulfilled in the Shopify system automatically. Using this connector allows better time management and facilitates the connection between the platforms. The connector also streamlines the process of handling the payment information.


Biz-Tech Shopify Connector is an essential business productivity tool you need to grow your business, to boost your results and to help you save time and money․

Simplifies the data flow

Facilitates access to the customer, inventory and shipping information

Streamlines the application of discounts

Reduces order processing costs

Automates compliance with tax regulations

Improves customer experience

Eases payment information handling

Eliminates errors and reduces manual entry

Improves the stability of core business activities

Magento Connector

Biz-Tech Magento Connector solution allows companies to easily connect two platforms – Magneto’s eCommerce system and Acumatica Cloud ERP.
The integrator makes it possible to link two platforms through bidirectional data-synchronization which helps to avoid duplicate entries and eliminates errors.


Magento Connector facilitates the management of all eCommerce activities such as getting and importing Orders, creating Shipments, Invoices, and Credit Memos. Magento Connector provides automation for all eCommerce activities to improve business productivity to boost results.

Synchronizes Magento and Acumatica

Automates synchronization

No duplicate entries

Eases the data flow process

Simplifies payment information handling

Improves customer experience

Reduces order processing costs

Easily access order information

Kit Processing

Biz-Tech Services Kit Processing is an enhancement for Acumatica that allows users to explode kit components right on the Sales Order screen. No need to open another maintenance screen or print a pick list to view kit components. Using the native Sales Order Preferences screen, users can control the cost calculation basis for kit items entered on a Sales Order. This allows companies greater flexibility without having to make maintenance adjustments to inventory items.


Giving users the option to explode kit components directly on the Sales Order line and making adjustments to any quantity improves efficiency and control during order entry.

Simplifies visibility of kit items

Change kit and component quantities with ease

Powerfully manage kit pricing rules

Efficiently add kits to orders without having to leave the SO screen

Works for stock and non-stock kits

Consignment Processing

Biz-Tech Services Consignment Processing powered by Acumatica allows companies to manage inventory that is stored with a customer but owned by the company. The enhancement makes it possible to track and manage quantities and valuation of inventory in multiple sales locations.


Consignment Processing enhancement simplifies the order process and gives better visibility of unsold inventory.

Enter sales orders using Acumatica’s native Sales Order screen

Use a custom Consignment order type to track inventory movement

Enter shipments using Acumatica’s native Shipment screen—create a transfer to Consignment warehouse

Supports a default consignment warehouse and customer-specific warehouses

Generate Invoices directly from the Consignment order—moves inventory out of selected consignment warehouse

Generate Returns directly from the Consignment order—create a transfer from consignment warehouse to internal warehouse

Custom Data Views provide Consignment Order visibility and visibility of Items on consignment

Gift Card Processing

Biz-Tech Services Gift Card Processing powered by Acumatica allows companies to manage gift card payments within Acumatica. Gift cards allow companies to offer perks for customers and can help drive sales and revenue.


Gift Card Processing enhancement offers a flexible gift card payment solution for any Acumatica customer and makes accepting gift card payments simple and affordable.

Receive batches of gift cards as serialized items, ready to issue and load with a balance

Quick payment entry

Track gift card history, including original purchaser and customer information from all transactions where the gift card is the payment method

Offline Order Entry

Biz-Tech Services Offline Order Entry powered by Acumatica allows companies to enter Sales Orders in offline mode, when Internet connectivity is lacking or unreliable.
Enabling order entry at times when connecting to Acumatica is difficult or impossible improves efficiency and drives sales activity.


Offline Order Entry makes it possible to create sales orders, edit sales orders, and create and edit customer records.

Provides login validation in both, online, and offline modes

Simplifies order creation process by allowing entry on a mobile device

Makes it possible for users to create and edit customer records from a mobile device

Supports item search, and includes item images in offline mode