Shopify Connector

Biz-Tech Shopify Connector is an integration link for two platforms‒Shopify’s e-commerce system and Acumatica Cloud ERP. The connector supplies all the tools a business needs to improve its order processing strategy, to simplify inventory management, pricing, payment, and streamline its logistics processes.


Bilateral synchronization makes it possible to manage orders in Acumatica and mark them fulfilled in the Shopify system automatically. Using this connector allows better time management and facilitates the connection between the platforms. The connector also streamlines the process of handling the payment information.


Biz-Tech Shopify Connector is an essential business productivity tool you need to grow your business, to boost your results and to help you save time and money․

Simplifies the data flow

Facilitates access to the customer, inventory and shipping information

Streamlines the application of discounts

Reduces order processing costs

Automates compliance with tax regulations

Improves customer experience

Eases payment information handling

Eliminates errors and reduces manual entry

Improves the stability of core business activities